Actually, you mostly know cats as very active animals, which sometimes makes the life together a little different. However, the lovely cuddle hours are worth to have cats as pets. How tender and gentle cats can be, do you see here. We have collected for you the 10 most relaxed cats.

10. Wer sagt, dass Tiere nicht gerne auf Stühlen sitzen? Diese Katze hat sich den Thron erobert und chillt erst mal ne Runde.

9. “Just let all your cares behind” This cat obviously also supports this motto.

8. Strike! This life feels like paradise, when you have your owners under control.

7. LOL! How weird! Does she do Yoga?

6. Oh dear! This cat muste have had an exhausting day. Well, let us give her a minute’s rest.

5. Wow, that must feel great. Haha, it is so cute how she raises her little leg.

4. Ohhh! She is tuckered out. How great that there always is a bowl, where you can take a nap.

3. After an exhausting workout always the regeneration follows. Perhaps the cat should use free weights that are smaller and lighter.

2. Somehow I have the feeling as if the cat will never ever give away this seat again.

1. That truly is the most relaxed cat ever. It’s so funny how she is relaxing and enjoying the neck rub.