Today we go on a time journey back to the good old days. When you experienced your youth in the 90s, you had the possibility to watch great tv series. Can you imagine that it was a time, when it wasn’t embarrassing to love a series with David Hassellhoff as main character?

10. Full House

I guess you all do remember the cute twins of “Full House”. The sitcom is about the widowed father, who tries to raise his children with the help of his best friend and his brother-in-law.

9. Friends

Back in the 90s, millions of young people loved the sitcom “Friends”. The tv-series is about 6 friends with a focus on the relationship between Ross and Rachel as well as Chandler and Monica.

8. King of Queens

In the sitcom “King of Queens”, Kevin James, who still is a popular movie actor nowadyas, entertained the audience in his role as courier.

7. Married… With Children

The comedy sitcom is about the life of the family “Bundys”. Especially the shoe salesman and head of the family, Al Bundy, fascinated the people with his coarse humour.

6. Home Improvement

The sitcom is about the Tim Taylors everyday working life as host of the home improvement show “Tool Time”.

5. Knight Rider

In this Action series David Hasselhoff stars as the crime fighter Michael Knight, whose closest assistant is his high-tech car KITT.

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The tv sitcom is about the teenager William, who moved to his wealthy aunt. Unfortunatelly Williams lifestyle doesn’t really fit to the noble district “Bel Air”.

3. The A-Team

In the Action series a group of 4 former soldiers help people, who are in need and don’t get any help from the state. The former soldiers of the United States Army Special Forces are on the run, because they are court-martialed for a crime they didn’t commit.

2. Beverly Hills 90210

This tv series was very popular in the 90s. “Beverly Hills 90210” is about the life of the twins Brenda and Brandon, who moved with their family from Minnesota to Beverly Hills.

1. Baywatch

In the 90s everybody loved this tv series. “Baywatch” concentrated on the internal relationships of a team of lifeguards, including David Hassellhoff and Pamela Anderson.