These are 10 very important tips for persons with diabetes. Diabetes is a worldwide illness and at any times there a new methods for helping and healing. Here some of the tipps…

10. Diabetes: familys needs help from group therapy

WIf a child had diabetes ist is a shock for whole familiy. So it is better to go into a helping group.

9. Diabetes: Can you eat sugar?

Itis a very important question: Can you eat sugar… When yes, then how much and when? Prof. Dr. Hermann von Lilienfeld is telling about this…

8. Diabetiker-courses – are paying the insurances?

Diabetiker-courses are very important…but pays the insurances for this? there are many discussions…

7. Helping before –  Diabetes Typ 2

Can you make something before you get diabetes? Dr. med. Hans-Ulrich Weitz and Prof. Dr. med. Kristian Rett gives some informations about this.

6. Mistakes with the glucometer

What you must do before you are checking the blood with the glucometer?

5. Diabetiker-course it is very important for patients!

You must know everything about diabetes as a patient.

4. Children with diabetes

How you can see the first symptoms for diabetes at the child?

3. Diabetes: Operation for diabetes patients

Can the doctors helping with an operation?

2. Diabetes in the job

Dr. Dominik Möller, is telling about diabetes in the job. Must you give an information to your boss? What´s happened at the job when you have diabetes?

1. Diabetes: how you get the insulin correct?

Many people must make many times in a day the injection with insulin. Can you make mistakes with this injection? Which mistakes can be happened?