Yeah. Woohooo. The baby’s finaly there. Pregnancy is over. Let us have a little happy family! But keep in mind the thing below since you won’t have a happy family without 😉

10. Cuddling

The most important thing a baby needs at first is: CUDDLING!

9.Cuddling with mom

A bit akward, but keep in mind, they are happy!

8. Cuddling with daddy

Oh cute. The daddy. Look how cute this is!

7. Cuddling with Grandpa

Every child loves his grandpa. He is the master of telling stories to sleep well 😉

6. Cuddling with Grandma

So adorable! Grandma is proud and thinks about what she started 2 generations ago…

5. Cuddling with the sister

Having a nice bigger sister can be nice. CAN …

4. Cuddling with the brother

Everyone who was lucky to have bigger brother loved it. He can be a life saver in teenage times and a strong arm while sleeping as a baby!

3. Cuddling with the dog

Oh my god, this is so fucking funny!

2. Cuddling with other pets … lots of dogs and cats and so on!

There are more pets than dogs in the house and we have only 10 slots free here in the list. So well, here is a video of a baby-pet-compilation, that integrates everything!


Cuddling, cuddling, cuddling can be very very exhausting, so the most and I say the very most important thing for the baby is: SLEEPING!