Pets sometimes are the perfect source of amusement. Either we have a joy with them, when they do some tricks or we put them in funny costumes or human clothes. It’s definitely mean, but at the same time it’s so funny to watch them. We have collected for you the 10 most human dogs.

10. You all should start the day with a nice breakfast. This beautiful lady put on her bathrobe and enjoys a hot chocolate.

9. Unbelievable! Lots of people don’t know how to use chopsticks – This dog does!

8. Ghetto Dog is in tha houz, yo! The is the coolest dog EVER!

7. Yep, this husky really loves the cold winter and expresses his joy with a funky dance number.

6. Sometimes you are dog-tired and doesn’t want to leave the warm bed. Anyway, first of all this dog has to check his mobile phone, if the charming lady, he met yesterday, texted him.

5. LOL! This dog looks so funny. Really cute, how bored he is and how he places his beautiful head on his hand.

4. Another exhausting business day. We spend too many hours in front of the computer. It would be much nicer to go for a walk or to fetch a toy.

3. In a perfect marriage you have your lunch together. But, don’t spill and use your napkin.

2. Here we see that dogs are very musical. What a great music group!

1. Haha, a dog with glasses. It is so funny how he is reading a book.