When you are so happy that you could embrace the world and want to celebrate your joy with someone with a high five, obviously many things can go wrong. A high five fail can be embarassing for the one who doesn’t notice the hand coming closer as well as for the one who accidently slaps the other one in the face. However, we all love malicious glee and therefore we show you the ten mist hilarious high five fails.

10. LOL, of course a high five can’t work when the counterpart is scared of you.

9. It is very important to hold the balance. Otherwise it is bound to end in disaster or sometimes one level lower ­čśë

8. These freaks want to be cool, but two’s company, three’s a crowd.

7. Here we have the phenomenon “Damn! Whom shall I give a high five?”. However, feinting doesn’t count.

6. Aw, how sad! I guess many of you know that situation. The coolest guy from high school comes up to you, moves his arm to give a high five, but then of course addresses the guy behind you.

5. The assistant of the famous golf player wants to feel like a star as well. Ghetto style, yeah!

High Five Fail

4. Oh, poor little boy. Nobody wants to give him a high five.

3. Well, being a big boss doesn’t necessarily mean to be cool as well. At least a high five should work!

2. Ha! It seems that the small boy consciously slaps in the face of the man. Is this a high five fail on purpose?

1. Oh Dear! In the beginning the joy was huge. But, when a man slaps in a woman’s face during a high five, then this definitely is the most severe high five fail.