Snapshots often are the funniest pictures, because they unexpectedly present weird coincidences. Therefore snapshots can arouse big laughter. We have collected for you 10 snapshots that show the most hilarious coincidences that you have ever seen.

10. Haha! It looks as if the nose and the chin of the father belongs to the face of the child. Or did the little boy age that fast?

9. This small head can’t belong to the tall man. Great coincidence, isn’t it?!

8. OMG! The camera man should quickly change the camera angle, otherwise police will crash the studio.

7. At first, take a look at the newspaper’s headline and then watch what the woman on the right is doing 😉

6. Haha! This is a funny coincidence! Neil Simmons tries some ice cream.

5. This blonde beauty on the right should have shaved her arms for the picture.

4. OMG! That was not a nice idea to signpost the “Senior citizen center” next to the cemetary.

3. Lol! Here we see Putin’s secret preferences: a skipy dress. What a funny sight!

2. Unbelievable! This snapshot nearly is an optical illusion. Because of the big shadow of the flag it looks as if the woman stands on a flying carpet.

1. This commercial won’t convince the people. Ugh!