A long time ago, tattoos where the sign for strong fishermen in the harbours of the world, some more time ago, the warriors of the wild islands put tattoos on their skin to show ther manliness, in the 90s there was the phenomena of self insulting via tramp stamps, but since the year 2000 everyone wears a tattoo, EVERYONE! No matter how old or what kind of education or rockstar, soccer men, teenie girls. It would be more underground to not have any tattoo and to save the money or burn it. Everything is better than having a tattoo fail like the ones below in the top ten most fatal tattoo fails.

10. The Gangster

He is a master of wordplays, isn’t he?

Tattoo Fail Gangster

9. The Hippie
What is more fail, the tattoo or the rest of the face?
Tattoo Fail Dreadlocks

8. The Selfie-Queen

What? But where is the fail? I do not get it 😉

tattoo fail selfie queen

7. Michael Jackson

This is Dirty Diana? OMG. This one is so embarrasing! “What have we done to the world?”

Tattoo Fails Michael Jackson

6. The magic Eye brow

Where is the tattoo? WHERE?

Tattoo Fail Augenbraue

5. Pinocchio

Lie to me, baby! Hehe. This isn’t actually a fail, but worth putting into this top ten list, because it’s funny!

tattoo fail pinoccio

4. Hello Mama

OMG, this is so sweet, NOT! Imagine the medical pool full of old human being and SHE in the middle at the age of 70. Funny or DIE?

tattoo fail mother

3. Tattoo Fail Rock

Not ONE tattoo fail … thousands. This video was so hard work so it has to be in this list. The hell of tattoing in one clip!

2. Sexy Tattoo Babe

Every article needs at least one sexy babe!

sexy tattoo fail

1. Badd Bitch for Life!

Badd Bitch! Oh yes she is. Grandma doesn’t like this painting, but little Shania is so poetic and has a liberal thinking, so she does what she likes. We like it too!