Well, it’s better for kids to play outdoors, than spending the free time in front of the television or computer. Fresh air is much more healthy for the kids. Well, but when you browse through these 10 photos, than you will definitely doubt of the safety of the kids playing on these playgrounds. OMG… the slide on photo no. 6… are they serious about that?

10. O.k., this slides seems to fulfill the safety standards… but sliding through the elefant’s ass? Why?



9. Well, it’s always nice, when the district is child-friendly, but this placing of the slide is malicious, isn’t it?

Rutsche zwischen zwei Wänden


8. OMG… a giant witch on a playground? Isn’t this figure rather scary for the kids than funny?

Hexenfigur auf Spielplatz


7. O.k., only adults will have a giggle over this art. What has driven the artist to create something like that?

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6. Are they really serious about this slide? The guy who decided to place a playground on this roof must be tired of life.

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5. Well, this is really strange.

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4. Well, you don’t have to understand this slide, haven’t you?

Unbrauchbare Rutsche


3. From the slide directly onto the street and into the parents’ car? Playground 2.0 as kind of drive-in?

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2. Hehe, I guess this pic will only cause perverse thoughts in adults. Kids probably won’t associate any wicked thoughts to this “thing”.



1. Does the district want to get rid of its kides? Hopefully, no kid uses this slide.

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