Even if you do not meet the most of these animals so often in real life, it is very important to be informed about them. You never know! Some of these little and sometimes cute animals look so harmless, but they can be mortal even for human beings. So watch out for the 10 most dangerous animals in the world!

Even though most of you won’t see most of these animals in your daily life, when you do, its good to know them for what they are. Especially because you wouldn’t think of some of these animals as dangerous for your health. So here you go, the 10 most dangerous animals on the planet.

10. The Great White Shark

Sharks are the most frightening animals on this planer. The Great White Shark ist the biggest and most dangerous of them all. He can get up to 7 meters long and has sharp pointy teeth to tear you apart with. Even though, sharks only kill 10-20 people per year!

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9. The Jellyfish

Up to 100 people die every year after comming in contact with jellyfish. But don’t worry. Most jellyfish are harmless or only have a mild poison which causes itching and redness of the skin. But there are highly dangerous jeyylfish as well. So be aware and if your unsure, swim away! The box jellyfish could kill you with its poison
8. The African Buffalo

The african buffalo is the biggest bovid in all of africa. With a weight of more then 1 ton, their sharp, huge horns these buffalos cause up to 200 deaths per year.African_buffalo_(3)

7. The Lion

Also known as the king of animals, the lion is situated in the middle of our list. More then 200 people die from lion attacks each year. Lions only attack humans when they are very hungry or they feel threatend. If you get charged by a lion, dont run! He is faster than you! Try derailing him by screaming and waving you arms. Good luck! gut gebrüllt Löwe...
6. The Hippo

Hippos look relaxed enough not to be afraid of them. This is very misleading, though. Hippos kill more then 300 humans every jear. With up to 4.5 tons bodyweght and a huge strong jaw, they kill in an instant!Hard to believe, but true!

Hippo Charge

5. The Elephant

The Elephant is worlds biggest land-mamal. They only attack humans in very rare situations, mostly during the mating-season, when males get very aggressive. So if you ever see an elephant flailing his ears like in the picture bellow. Be carefull and back away slowly! Elephants kill around 500 people each year.  Elefant:

4. The Krokodile

Krokodiles kill over 2000 humans every year. They are very good at camouflaging themselves and have strong jaws with very sharp teeth. So take care close to lakes inhibited by krokodiles!crocodiles-587833_640

3. The Scorpion

Scorpions cause more then 5000 deaths per year. These tiny animals kill with their poison. Not every scorpions poison is deadly though. But its very uncomfortable in any case. They like to hide in shoes and clothes. So take care and look twice before putting on shoes and clothes!

Pandinus Imperator

2. The Snake

Every year, more than 50.000 people die after beeing bit by a snake. The most dangerous snake around is the so called Asian Cobra.

1. The Mosquito

The smallest animal in our list is the most dangerous one at the same time. Even though the mosquito by it self isn’t that dangerous, the bacteria and viruses it can carry, are. Every year more than 600.000 people die after getting a disease transmitted by a mosquito!