Sometimes you really ask yourself, if these signs were hung up wrong accidentally or on purpose. You must notice that these signs do not make any sense at all. We have collected the 10 funniest store sign fails. Look at this nonsense!

I see! Non-alcoholic beverages. Well, then the kids can greedily grab.

9. This store has great opening hours. Open 9 days a week. What a great service!
8. “For Mom… with love” Why do they promote condoms in this way? I guess it was Mother’s Day some days before and they forgot to remove the sign.

7. This sign definitely makes no sense! Alcohol is NO FOOD!

6. Haha, thank you for the hint. Please note, this milk is FOR cats, not FROM cats.

5. How great that the employees make us aware of the orange pumpkin pails. Haven’t they told us, we all would have believed that they are blue!
4. Hey kids, a new school year is starting and therefore it is about time to get you a knife.

3. This employee probably must find himself a new job. Obviously he thinks the prank is worth it.

2. This store convinces the customers with great offers. They reduced the price of the product from £ 2 to £ 2. Everybody go there and buy it 😉

1. “Buy 3 and get 0 free”. What a great deal! It will be a great run on the store, when the discount gets around 😉