In order to get attuned for the new Bundesliga season, we take a look at the funniest soccer moments of all time. So much for soccer being a real tough male sport… in this pictures, it gets more hot than heavy on the field. It seems as if some players can’t take their hands off their team mates. OMG… and photo no. 4!

10. Is this about winning the soccer game or does this soccer player want to win an Oscar? This guy obviously really likes to act. At least, he will successfully make it as stuntman.

Fußballspieler täuscht Foul vor

9. Well, those players won’t find the ball there, where they search for it. Wait… or are they in search of other balls?

Fußballer mit entblößtem Hintern

8. O.k., this soccer player seems to be an exhibitionist. Only a beige trench-coat and a dark surrounding is missing.

7. Oh, how nice can life be? Why not forgetting the world around you and ask your sweetheart for a dance?!

Fußballer tanzt mit Torwart

6. Outch! This soccer player should have been more focussed. Ohhh… this gives you a headache only by watching the pic.

5. Well, women have proved that they are good at soccer as well, for many years now. BUT… those chicks in the pic definitely don’t feel fine in their role.

Frauenfußballerinnen haben Angst vor dem Freistoß

4. OMG! Who would have thought it? Self-appointed most beautiful and best soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, kneels before Rooney and… ?

3. Watch this video! LOL… this expression! That was a really funny moment of the Women’s world cup in Canada.

2. “Well, this game really kicks ass” 😀

1. LOL… these kind of pics are really the best. Oh no, how embarassing… and EVERYBODY saw it! 😛

Fußballspieler mit heruntergelassener Hose