Today we’ll make fun of cats. There are enough videos in the Internet that show our four-legged friends as cute balls of wool. This time we have collected short clips of cats that totally overestimate themselves. You’ll have a big laugh watching these funny superhero cats falling down.

10. This Garfield double was self-conscious and felt so strong. What a bother that this roof of the car was so snowy.

9. Aren’t cats said to be elegant and agile? Well, this cat obviously has to learn a lot. Climbing isn’t working well yet.

8. O.k., this cat doesn’t overestimate himself, but we didn’t want to keep this cute little cat from you.

7. This cat obviously thought to have found the perfect secret hideaway. Falling from the table wasn’t planned.

6. Well, it’s her own fault. That cheeky monkey could have let her buddy sleep.

5. Hehe, do you know this, when seconds feel like hours? This cat has already noticed that she’s in a delicate situation.

4. This is one of the best example for cats feeling stronger than they are. How can she think that she will arrive at the top of the cupboard with this ridiculous jump?

3. O.k., this cat doesn’t really overestimate himself, but isn’t it cute how she gets more and more tired and how she is falling from the window board? Also funny how shocked the other cat is.

2. Wow! Have you ever seen such a cat’s arched back? What a freak!

1. OMG! How big is this cat? The cat seems to regularly make use of the foods in the fridge. Well, but obviously it was easier with less body weight in the past.