An expensive Hollywood comedy isn’t always necessary when you want to amuse yourself. Sometimes, simple snapshots have the same cheerful effect. The unexpected moment or the special camera angle very often is the best scenery for a photo. We have collected for you the 10 funniest snapshots that will make you laugh out loud.

10. Hopefully, there is a water tap installed. Sometimes a special camera angle causes the craziest imaginations.

9. OMG! Do we witness a mutant Fish-Human? Or is this snapshot pure coincidence? 😉

8. The luxury liner has a break down. Can anybody tow away that ship and take it to the next ship repair shop? Thank You!

7. OMG! This cow should look up for a job at the circus. Amazing how the cow can fart fire.

6. Gorgeous! Who would have thought that these soft legs belong to the male. If the man knew better, he would have chosen another seat.

5. This snapshot in its special scenery definitely is intended! Or do you think that flatulence in this extent is possible?

4. Watch out and think twice where you do up the shoelaces. Otherwise it can hurt a lot!

3. Lol! It looks as if the nice lady on the left doesn’t wear any bikini briefs. Great snapshot!

2. How cute! In public transport you face all kinds of passengers. Look how this dog has dressed up!

1. Lol! This reminds me of Sleepy Hollow. Obviously you can do sports without a head. Remarkable!