Apple’s digital voice assistant Siri is well-known not only for its convenient help, but also for it’s cute misunderstandings and sense of humor. We have collected the ten funniest questions you can ask Siri for a hilarious response.

10. Yep, here you see how cheeky Siri can be!

Siri response no. 10

9. Ha! That’s the typical self-confidence we know from Apple.

Siri response no. 09

8. Siri proves her sense of humor here.

Siri response no. 08

7. I guess you’ve already asked this question to Siri. Her funny answer got very popular due to Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul, who twittered about it.

Siri response no. 07

6. Siri doesn’t let you make fun of her. By the way, sometimes Siri even suggests locations.

Siri response no. 06

5. Even to erotic based questions Siri has an answer.

Siri response no. 05

4. Siri does not only answer erotic based questions, but also silly questions 😉

Siri response no. 04

3. Of course Apple’s voice assistant knows the answer to this question.

Siri response no. 03

2. Siri seems to have her own religion in spiritual Silicon Valley.

Siri response no. 02

1. Ha! This is a cute type of misunderstanding.

Siri response no. 01