It’s great fun to play pranks on family and friends. No matter how simple or elaborate they are, the reaction of the one who got pranked always is hilarious. We have collected for you the 10 funniest pranks you better not experience in the role of the victim.

10. This is a classic prank, because it is very effective. Who wants to be surprised like that especially after having taken a shower?!

9. Haha, this prank failed, but still is funny. Actually the boy, coming out of the fridge, wants to scare the girl, but she reacts fast and fights back with a frying pan. In the end it’s the boy, who is more shocked.

8. It is always said that it’s the women who fear vermin. False! When the spider dummy is landing on the man’s head, he is hysterically jumping of the sofa and running away in panic.

7. Here you see how dangerous the use of a deodorant is. If your crazy buddy is sitting next to you, it will get hot under your arms.

6. There’s nothing better than receiving a romantic present from your beloved. But, what’s in this box is a nightmare.

5. Full speed ahead! This is the fastest sleeping bag in the whole world.

4. What a shock to be woken up this way! I guess he will never dare to fall asleep again.

3. Well done! This woman is totally surprised and tumbles with shock.

2. Was this man eaten by the shark? The people are speechless and confused.

1. In youth we had stupid ideas. Of course this prank is absolutely dangerous and you all should not copy this, but as non-participant it is funny.