Our beloved dogs have extraordinary abilities. Of course it is another subject, if they are really up for new challenges. However, dogs on skateboards, scooters and even on bikes look hilarious. We have collected for you the 10 funniest dogs who are taking a ride.

10. Dogs on skateboards are well-known since YouTube started its online video platform. But videos of dogs on scooters still are estremely rare.

9. This dog seems to really enjoy the car ride. Mmmhh… A convertible is not necessary when you are able to enjoy the fresh airstream with an open window.

8. Isn’t it impressive how the dog is in control of the skateboard? He isn’t just riding straight ahead, but rather is leading the skateboard and even takes on speed, when he notices that he gets more slowly.

7. Lol! This little guy takes the chance to come safely on shore.

6. For ages, there are videos of dogs on skateboards, but it’s a formidable challenge to skate downstairs without losing balance!

5. Haha! Oh dear! It looks soooo funny how this dog is seated in the small vehicle.

4. Wow! Well done! Ordinary skateboarding is for losers. This dog wants to impress the people by skateboarding on a half pipe.

3. Yeah, this dog doesn’t miss any summer activity during his holidays.

2. Ohhh! This extraordinary friendship melts my heart. A dog is riding the waves on the back of a dolphin. Unbelievable!

1. Oh dear! If the video wasn’t that funny, you could feel pitty for this dog. Well, but it looks so weird, that you can’t do anything but laughing out loud.