Dogs are not only great buddies to stroll or to cuddle with, but also great comedians. Admittedly, sometimes not voluntarily. Sometimes, the dog owners help to make those funny gags happen. We have collected for you the 10 funniest dog videos!

10. Haha, isn’t it funny, how the little one makes fun of the Labrador? The little one is holding the bone out to him, but then pulls it away again!

9. Here, we have the classic dog on wheels, LOL! His three buddies doesn’t understand it and to them the situation gets really spooky.

8. Oh! It’s soooo mean! The poor little guy looks so helpless. Haha, but his facial expression is so funny.

7. What a funny face of this Golden Retriever. He is wondering and doesn’t understand that the treat landed on his forehead.

6. Yeah! This dog can’t get enough of the trampoline.

5. Haha! This dog has reckoned that the fish is still alive and that it is going to thrash around.

4. Well, what a great help this dog is! Haha, it looks so funny.

3. Great! This dog really enjoys life and chills a bit while having a soothing neck massage.

2. I don’t really get what this dog is doing there! He should perform in the circus.

1. Haha! This is the coolest dog ever! Without a doubt our no. 1 of the funniest dog videos!