Although our pets generally enjoy a life of ease, they sometimes have a hard time living with us. Every so often, like in our gallery, they unvoluntarily become the victims of our amusement. We have collected for you the 10 funniest dog pictures that prove once again that the coincidence is a big artist.

10. Did you ever think that dogs are able to drive a car? This guy here cuts a fine figure at the wheel.

9. LOL! What is the man searching for? Well, but I guess, this pictures was an intended “coincidence”.

8. Oh! This dog is a pure beauty. What a magnificent head of hair.

7. Yum yum! Enjoy your meal, little buddy. There’s nothing more delicious than the arm of mistress.
der Arm von Frauchen.

6. Wow! A dog with two heads. But it must be difficult when the one demands to “play” and the other wants to “sleep”.

5. This dog obviously has a super power and is able to spit fire. Very convenient when you want to barbecue.

4. LOL! It looks sooooo funny. A man with a dog’s head… or it a dog with a human body?

3. What a coincidence that this dog noses exactly at this part of the wall, where the bottom of the painted dog is placed.

2. This giant dog can hardly wait to devour his prey.

1. Brilliant! What an amazing coincidence that this dog is yawning in front of this picture.