There’s nothing more important than to show unconditional love to our kids. However, sometimes the little ones involuntarily are true comedians and then they become the subject of our mean humor. We have collected for you the 10 funniest baby videos that will make you laugh out loud.

10. Why feeding the baby, when it is able to do it on his own?!

9. This one is really cute. It’s so nice to see how easy it is to make children happy.

8. Next time, the chicken will certainly reconsider to trust a child again.

7. Wow! That’s team work. Really brilliant, how clever the little boy manages to get closer to his sister.

6. Parents usually are lucky when their babies are sleeping, but I guess nobody did ever think that it is so easy.

5. Well, this video isn’t the best commercial for this toy. OMG! Look at the helpless look of the baby.

4. Lol! This is really mean. Well, but it’s this way… very often we make fun of our little ones… it’s the same with our pets.

3. Well, out of boredom you get the most stupid ideas. Or does this baby already have a clear career aspiration and wants to become a window cleaner?

2. Lol! This is the funniest facial expression I’ve ever seen.

1. My oh my! That’s pure hatred, isn’t it? I guess they will never get friends.