The fashion trends of the 90’s were very special: From the gloomy grunge style to the shrill neon piece –  everything was allowed. Whoever discovers his style again ?

10. T-shirts under summer dresses
Summer, high temperatures and a T-shirt under the sundress. In the 90s, women were not so candid.

9. Clothes in neon-colour
Jarring neon-colours in different kinds were so popular in the 90s – especially the young generation loves this. Doesn´t matter wich piece of clothes!

8. Raver-Style
Like the Love Parade belongs to the 90s – the same applies to the raver-clothes. Particularly the visitors of the event dressed like this.

7. Chocker necklace
Every girl has worn this necklace. They existed in any colour, but the most popular was probably always the black one.

6. G-Shock watches
The G-Shock watches were to be found on almost every wrist – regardless of whether man or woman.

5. Buffalos
Suddenly you were ten centimeters taller! For the height of the plate were no limit as long as you could walk with it.

4. Metallic-Look
Whether pants, shirts or any other pieces – if it sparkled in metallic it was definitely an eye-catcher.

3. Grunge-Style
Those who wanted to dress rather more gloomy in this time have to use the Grunge-Style for their clothes.

2. Batik-Shirts
Colourful, playful and a little bit Hippie – your batik shirt was done.

1. Baggy-Pants
The biggest trend in the 90s! Especially the young men of the 90s love to wear it!