Very often we are envious of pets about their fine life. The Edenic life of our four-legged friends mainly consists of playing, eating and sleeping. However, a dog’s life obviously can be very exhausting, too. We have collected for you the 10 drowsiest dogs, that fall over because of being drugged with fatigue.

10. The impressions of this day obviously were too much for this little puppy. He falls over without even recognizing it.

9. This young dog seems to have experienced a lot on that day and is very lucky to have a man kneeling next to him, to take a nap.

8. Lol! More tired than this dog isn’t possible. Take a look at his sleepy eyes and how he falls over at full tilt.

7. Ohhhh, it’s sooo cute. This fluffy sweetheart definitely needs to take a nap like his buddy behind him.

6. Sometimes you ask yourself, what dogs do the whole day to be that tired.

Hund kippt um vor Schlaf

5. It looks as if the dog keeps watch and ward, so that nobody takes up the sofa. Obviously the little guy took on too much.

Hund schläft ein und kippt um

4. These two dogs are so tired that they are doddery. Well, but they only need to carpet themselves. The blanket is already there.

Zwei Hunde schlafen sein

3. Oh! The carlin indeed seems to be a slow-paced dog breed. This guy here is so tired, that he falls over headfirst.

2. It seems as if the dog tries to fight the fatigue. However, he can’t avoid falling over hitting the floor.

1. Oh dear! You nearly worry about this dog. How it is possible to fall asleep while standing in the water? I hope he is well.