Without doubt, puppies are the cutest beings of the world. Too bad that they grow up so fast. However, we are lucky that many dog owners share their puppy videos with us online. We have collected for you the 10 cutest puppy videos that won’t only fascinate dog lovers.

10. Additional to the fact that puppies in general are really cute, it’s big fun that they accept our jokes.

9. When dogs rotationally turn their heads to the left and right to hear better, dog lovers take out their camera. When puppies do that with the head it is especially cute.

8. Puppies always are tired and that’s why they always find a place to take a nap. Obviously a chair- or table leg can cause a sense of well-being.

7. OMG! How can something look SO CUTE? This fluffy fur and the cute face…

6. This cute little dog doesn’t do any special, but it is one of the cutest puppy videos I have ever seen, because he looks so cute and curious.

5. Don’t you want to cuddle this ball of wool, too? OMG! This fur must feel so smooth.

4. Yep… we know this nibbling of human babies! Also puppies look cute while doing this.

3. Haha! This puppie seems to be very tired. It’s so nice to watch this fluffy puppy taking a nap.

2. Oops! The smallest things are the biggest obstacles in the life of a puppy. Poor little guy… he only tried to find a place to sleep.

1. LOL! This definitely is our no. 1 of the 10 cutest puppy videos. This bulldog baby enjoys seesawing at the playground.