Why is the internet predominantly full of cat- and puppy videos? Our monkey friends are every bit as cute as them. You can’t watch these cute monkey videos without mafficking. Come and see for yourself.

10. Well, it’s always cute, when animal babies are fed… but this baby monkey with his huge big round eyes and fluffy fur is especially cute.

9. Haha, how can you be so cute? Isn’t it incredible how careful the monkey is with the other little animal baby?

8. Look at this face! What did the monkey found in his ear? Really cute!

7. LOL! This little guy seems to be overwhelmed. He likes having a bath, but doesn’t want to miss something.

6. Well, this monkey isn’t as cautious as his friend of no.9, but isn’t it cute how he pets the cat like a little human child?

5. Haha, poor boy! This monkey accepted a big challenge to take this dog for a walk.

4. This little guy really seems to enjoy his life. What can be better than just swinging around with a lolly?

3. This guy really seems to be exhausted. So cute how histrionic he leans back.

2. Ohhh, here we have a monkey baby again. Isn’t it cute how he grasps around the soft toy?

1. Haha! This definitely is the cutest monkey ever! It is funny how he enjoys the wellness session.