Yeah! It’s time again for cute animal videos. We all can’t get enough of our furry buddies. I’m sure you will squeak with pleasure, when you watch these videos of the 10 cutest animals that look so funny when they eat.

10. In the very beginning you think “Well, the cat is drinking some milk . So what?”, but the moment when she raises her head is soooo funny, isn’t it?!

9. Well, here you see what the everyday lunch break of the Top 10 Monkey editorial office looks like 😉

8. Lol! The sloth lives up to his name. Take it one step at a time, even while eating.

7. OMG! Isn’t it cute how slowly he moves? And the big eyes are cute as well.

6. That’s what I call teamwork. The dog, our friends and cheerful helper.

5. Haha! The little pig must feel like in paradise. Sure, ice cream tastes very good.

4. Yum! Don’t let me stop you. Enjoy your meal!

3. Haha, the Broccoli seems to taste so good, that the mouse excitedly kicks with its legs.

2. Uppsala! The panda has concentrated that much on eating that he didn’t watch out and lost balance.

1. Ahhh! Watch this little guy on the left. How can anybody look like this? He’s completely horrified. The poor guy!