In the 90s there really was a boy band boom. Isn’t it unbelievable that you can list so many teenie bands that dominated the charts of one decade?! In order to make you chuckle we have collected the 10 cutest 90s boy bands for you. You don’t need to admit that you have listened to their music 😉

10. Westlife

The Irish boy band admittedly was formed in the late 90s, but they definitely represent the 90s boy band boom. Songs like “Uptown Girl” and “Mandy” constantly aired on the radio.

9. Boyzone

Boyzone is the band with the later very successful solo singer Ronan Keating. In the 90s his band made the final breakthrough in Germany with the cover song “Father and Son”.

8. Worlds Apart

The British boy band Worlds Apart was casted in 1992 and wasn’t as successfull as the other bands, but I guess you all remember the weird song like “Je te donne”

7. New Kids on the Block

The guys of “New Kids on the Block” celebrated the zenith of their career in the early 90s and are considered major pioneers in the world of boy bands.

6. Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men wasn’t a typical boy band, because they rather concentrated on their voices than on sexy dance moves. However, the girls fainted, when Boyz II Men sang their hit “End of the Road”.

5. Caught In The Act

The half English and half Dutch boy band enchanted the girls from 1992 to 1998. I guess nearly every girl sang along the single “Love is everywhere”.

4. East 17

In the early 90s, The British boy band was the answer to Take That and was very successful with songs like “It’s Alright”, “Stay Another Day” and “Thunder”

3. N’Sync

When the Backstreet Boys showed how you can make millions as a boy band, N’Sync followed. In the late 90s, the band, with the later very successful singer Justin Timberlake, ruled the chart with “Tearing Up My Heart”, “I want you back” and “Bye Bye Bye”.

2. Backstreet Boys

The American boy band was formed in Florida and broke the record of the best-selling album in the very first album release.

1. Take That

The British boy band is considered one of the most popular teen bands of all time. Robbie Williams and his band members have caused a massive fan hysteria with hits like Back for Good, Never Forget and How deep is your Love.