Not only kids, but also most of the adults look forward to snow year after year. You can not only do a snowballfight, but also form beautiful artworks out of the ice crystals. We have collected for you the 10 craziest snowmen that will definitely amaze you.

10. Hm… little snowmen babies in the cooking pot? What’s wrong?

9. Oh dear! This snowman really lookes creepy. Don’t let him come in!

8. Haha, look at this very athletic snowman. He’s doing a handstand. What a great idea! Easily done, but with huge effects.

7. No! Not nice 🙁 Why that evil? But I have to admit that the snowman has a great hairstyle.

6. Lol! This is the funny and clumsy snowman, Olaf, from the wonderful movie “Frozen”.

5. Of course they are no real snowmen, but the idea to place these snow figures like that on the stair, is a great idea. Well, but it looks a little creepy!

4. How cool is that? Father and son have formed Buzz Lightyear. The kid will be proud that the greatest snowman in town stands in his own garden.

3. Haha, this definitely is one of the craziest snowmen. All kids should give the snowman a wide berth. Obviously he is very hungry and not really child-friendly.

2. I guess, every rock fan will love this kind of “snowman”. A skull made of snow! How great is this?!

1. Wow! Who doesn’t dream of riding an AT-AT once in your life? This definitely is the craziest snowman of all time.