For the perfect marriage proposal today you have to do more than going on your knees and show a box with an expensive-looking ring . Those who looking out for extraordinary ideas – take a look at our Top 10 craziest marriage proposals. 

10. Proposal in Japanese
It all starts very classically in the restaurant, but then the man has to use the toilet ..

9. the surfed proposal
It was fortunate that the ring is waterproof ..

8. Proposal or attempted suicide?
Sadness and joy can not be closer to each other!

7. Flash mobs are probably also trendy for proposals.
Nowadays almost everyone has times witnessed a flash mob, but it is still surprising when unexpectedly a big dance show appear from this kind of a situation.
If you still realize that you are the person for the occasion , the big surprise starts!

6. With marriage proposals you should not be joking.
A man decided to propose to his girlfriend in a very unconventional way.

5. Reminds me of a typical High School Musical scene
At first, still shocked by an possible affair of her friend, shortly afterwards she awakes in High School Musical superlative.

4. Zach Braff – best decoy you should have
With the help of actor Zach Braff – latest known each from the series Scrubs – you can probably no longer say no.

3. The Playback-Show
This musical proposal is not undeserved in our top. 3

2. trip around the world for an proposal
A 4-year long-planned journey through 26 different countries result in only 1 proposal – ONLY 1!? . What a waste 😉

1. Hollywood Movie Proposal
Since one wants to even see a movie calmly and promptly your friend is on the screen. Rightly No. 1 on the craziest marriage proposals list.

A crazy marriage proposal is missing in your list ,please let us know!