We love cats, you love cats, everybody loves cats! Thats why we collected the best games for, from or with cats, just for you! Have fun with these!
10. My garbage Cat

My garbage cat is a very fun but graphically basic game. Your goal is to wake up your owner. So be loud, destroy the room, get wild! At some point he should wake up ­čśë

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9. Catlaeral Damage
Similar to My garbage cat but much better graphis! Destroy the house, embrace chaos and have fun!

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8. iPad Game for Cats

The firs, only and best game FOR cats!


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7. Badass Inc

In this genius game you play a smoking Killer-Cat. Very fun and addicting point-and-click action.

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6. Bread Kittens

Breaded Kittens is inspired by Pok├ęmon. Its set in a fun World in which you can catch and fight loads of different cats. To make your cats stronger, you can bake bread and put it on your cats! Funny stuff!
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5. Cats vs Cakes

A flying cat! Be carefull with those cakes, they might bite you. Very addicting!
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4. Strikeforce Kitty

Help your cats defend the castle from the mean fox army.

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3. Naughty Kitties

A Tower Deffence kind of game where you can put cute cats into your starcruiser. Awesome!

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2. Galactikitties

Play with a ball of wool. In SPACE! And collect cats, that fly around the universe!

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1. Cat Street View

On this site you can explore Japan from the viewpoint of a cat. You can also find other cats around Japan. You have to see this!

Discover Cat-Japan!