There are these days, when you are in a bad mood. On these days you simply don’t want to be everybody’s darling and vent your spleen. Obviously also cats have one of these days. Or do they only show their true face? We have collected for you the 10 craziest cats that urgently need a day off.

10. “Go away. Leave me in peace. Keep out of my sight!” You better take her serious.

9. This cat also is a nervous wreck and urgently needs one day off. Whereas other cats would fight the laser pointer, this cat here tries to avoid the conflict, but falls down.

8. Oh dear! That must have been an exhausting week. This cat seems to fell asleep during climbing up the table.

7. “What do you want from me?” This cat totally freaks out, because she felt disturbed during grooming herself.

6. Still so small and fleecy, but still that angry. This little cat obviously experiences that you not always get your will.

5. “Argh, why is there such a big dog? That’s MY home range!” This cat immediately is in a rage, when she sees the dog, even though the dog doesn’t move at all and seems to be relaxed and friendly.

4. Oh boy! What’s going on? This cat totally freaks out, but even her buddy doesn’t know why.

3. Ouch! This must have hurt. Why is she so furious?

2. LOL! This cat is completely going out of her mind and bites her own foot.

1. OMG! I guess it’s clear what this cat wants to tell you. Better give her a wide berth.