It is well-known that cats occasionally freak out at night… but what these 10 cats do by day and in the presence of their owners is really weird. These 10 crazy cat snapshots definitely prove that cats are freaks.

10. O.k., here you do not know if the Christmas tree is friend or foe. You better be careful, because you never know what this cat is going to do next.

9. LOL! How can you, as an animal, sit on a bank like that? That’s really strange haha! It looks so human.

8. You have to take a closer look at the picture in order to find the little freak.

7. Well, I don’t assume that the cat is doing chin-ups. I guess, this Garfield double wants to hide from the dog. Well, but this dog seems to be very relaxed and friendly.

6. Hm, I can imagine much nicer safe havens. She better be cautious!

5. This picture nearly makes the impression as if cats have a great sense of humor. Haha, what does she want to tell us other than that?

4. This cat obviously is a big fan of Spiderman and does everything to be like the famous superhero.

3. No! This can’t be comfortable. This is a true proof that cats are freaks.

2. Sometimes you rather do not want to know what is going round in your head.

1. OMG! What’s going on? This cat should have known better!