For many years people decorate their bodies with tattoos now. It seems as if nearly every other has at least one tattoo. Therefore it has become much more difficult to attract attention with it. However, 3D tattoos still are eye-catching. We have collected the 10 craziest 3D tattoos.

10. Wow. This 3D tattoo really is a work of art. Great motive and great work!

9. The zipper is a popular motive for 3D tattoos. It really looks as if the back consists of several layers of skin.

8. Imagine it is summer, you’re in the open countryside and meet this lady. You would really believe that this butterfly is sitting on her shoulder.

7. This tattoo is small, but the effect is huge. By the way, funny how the floor fits to the tattoo. It looks even more real because of that.

6. This is unbelievable, isn’t it? Especially the lower arm causes a huge 3D effect. It looks as if there is a bulge.

5. Oh! This is really spooky. It differs a lot from all the other 3D tattoos. Argh, you really think that there’s something beneath the skin.

4. Well, this is created by a passionate artist. The woman’s leg seems to be made of gold.

3. This is a simple motive, but it looks so real. You really think that he has put a pen behind his ear.

2. Wow! What a great work of art. This arm is made of steel.

1. This really is a crazy 3D tattoo. It looks like the zipper arches the skin.