No one had assumed that some pets have these brilliant talents. These 10 cats will heavily surprise you. We have collected for you 10 pictures of the coolest cats that are true photo models.

10. This cat knows how to persuade you. Her facial expression is a mix of cute and cheeky at the same time.

9. Folding the arms in front of the face? No problem for this cat!

8. This cat gives the impression of always drinking with a straw.

7. Here we see a hipster cat with a moustache. Great!

6. Spending time on a cosy sofa and making an intellectual impression? This cat is really good at it.

5. This pleading gesture belongs to the everyday life of a cat. “Please, please, please… give me a treat!”

4. Who says that cats can’t do ballet? O.k., probably this picture is just a snapshot of a fighting scene, haha!

3. Of course, cats are elegant and are in control of their body.

2. This cat is a natural talent: body tension and a cool look are her trademark.

1. Oh! This cat really is a true photo model. This facial expression is at least as irresistible as the look of the real male model.