In childhood you can’t avoid scraped knees, clothes in tatters and bruises. By this young age, all your life is about mucking around. We have collected for you the 10 biggest kid fails that you will also remember from your childhood.

10. Very often you underestimate the purpose of a helmet. Because of this video, now we all know the advantages of a helmet. When you fall down while skiing, you are still able to carry on 😉

9. An excavator is a great toy for young boys. However, this boy has never imagined that it can be that unpleasant to sit in an excavator.

8. It’s like paradise for kids when you have your own playground at home. Well, but this boy probably will never use a slide again.

7. Haha, well.. it’s the kid’s own fault. If he hasn’t nudged his mother into the water, he would not have fallen himself.

6. Oh dear, the boy obviously was wrong about his weight. I hope this fall doesn’t discourage him from sports.

5. This child is obviously waiting for someone and suddenly is caught unawares by the postman.

4. Attack! Don’t underestimate your dog!

3. Oh! A cheaky child and a cat should definitely not be united.

2. I guess you all love to remember how you fed the ducks in your childhood. Except of this girl in the video… she will now have a duck phobia.

1. OMG! The mother accidently nudged her child into the toilet. LOL!