Soon, the new Star Wars movie comes to theaters. Therefore we have collected for you the 10 best Star Wars tattoos. Real fans show their passion for the movie with their tattoos and decorate their skin with great pieces of art. Darth Vader, the troopers, Han Solo etc. really brings the creativity out of people. Look at this!

10. The face of the Sith-Lord “Darth Maul” is a piece of art anyway, but the tattooist has done an excellent job.

9. This tattoo of the Millenium Falcon is pretty cool, because it nearly decorates the whole scope of the calf bone. Therefore a picture from different views is shown.

8. Somebody obviously spent a huge amount of money and many hours at the tattoo studio to get such a result. The bright trooper is a great contrast to the dark galaxy background.

7. Wow! This star wars tattoo really looks good. It is so difficult to tattoo faces, but Han Solo really looks great.

6. Hehe, here we see a pretty cool Yoda with a “Glow in the dark” effect.

5. The tattooist has done a really good job with this protocol droid C-3PO. The shadows around the eyes are amazing.

4. Here we have a fancy version of “Darth Vader”. Glowing colors, but the dark side still is dominating.

3. This tattoo conveys a very distinctive impression of the Death Star. Let’s how long the balloons will survive.

2. This trooper isn’t just great because of its funny motif. Also the strong colors and excellent shadows turn this tattoo into a great piece of art.

1. Oh! This guy has the lightsaber in his back. It’s a great motif, isn’t it?