We all love to reminisce the 90s, because we like to think that everything was better in the old days. We not only had less sorrows in our youths than now, but also the music was much better. Take a look at our list, which hits people liked most. We have collected for you the best-selling singles of the 90s in Germany. The list is based on the interpretation of the German single charts.

10. Wes – Alane

The 10th best-selling single of the 90s in Germany is a big surprise. Did you know that the song “Alane” was in the German single charts for 40 weeks?

9. Ace of Base – All that she wants

The iconig 90s song of the Swedish Pop-Group Ace of Base is platinum- & gold-certified in Germany. Even in the USA “All that she wants” reached no.2 of the charts.

8. Matthias Reim – Verdammt, ich lieb dich

“Verdammt, ich lieb dich” was the first and most successful song of the German singer Matthias Reim. Not only people in Germany, but also people in many other countries all over the world, loved this song. Matthias Reim’s hit was in the German charts for about 39 weeks.

7. Haddaway – What Is Love

This iconic song of the 90s is platinum- and gold-certified in Germany. The eurodance song still is popular.

6. Vangelis – Conquest of Paradise

Most people immediately think of the German Boxer legend Henry Maske, when they hear the first sounds of “Conquest of Paradise”. Henry Maske used this song as march-in for his boxing matches. After Henry Maske made it popular, the song broke all records.

5. Dr. Alban – It’s my life

Everybody knows this song and therefore it is no big surprise that this song is one of the “Top 10 best-selling singles of the 90s in Germany”. The song enjoys a platinum – and gold certification in Germany.

4. Guns N’ Roses – November Rain

Axl Rose’s ballad is a classic for eternity. This song was in the German single charts for about 51 weeks.

3. Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli – Time to Say Goodbye

The song with the original Italian title “Con te partiro” was composed by Francesco Sartori. The classic ballad became a big hit in the version of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.

2. Scorpions – Wind of Change

The ballad of the German rock band “Scorpions” not only is the best-selling song of the band, but also the second best-selling single of all bands in the 90s in Germany. When the wall fell it became a hymn of the German reunification.

1. Wolfgang Petry – Die längste Single der Welt

Wolfgang Petry was very clever to create a song that consists of all his hits. “Die längste Single der Welt” even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. With about 30 minutes it really is the longest single of the world and no other song was longer than for 83 weeks in the German charts.