Top of the Mountains Party Music Awards are the biggest partyawards in the partymusicscene in europe for the aprés-ski hits. here the 10 best singers and performances.

10. Marry at the Top of the Mountains

Very good performance from Marry, but she didn´t get an award by Top of the Mountains…

9. Marcus Luca on stage at Top of the Mountains

Marcus Luca, he has a very good fanbase but in austria at Top of the Mountains he didn´t get an award. He tells in interview about the future…

8. Top of the Mountains: Waterloo räumt Awards ab

Es ist Kult: Waterloo… Beste männliche Stimme wird bei den Top of the Mountains augezeichnet.

7. Top of the Mountains: “Die Wahnsinns 3” best partyband!

The Party-Music-Award fromTop of the Mountains are for the partyband “Die Wahnsinns 3”

6. Top of the Mountains: Steirerbluat with the best musicvideo

The Party Music Award from Top of the Mountains for the best music video is going to Steirerbluat.

5. Top of the Mountains: Spiztubua Markus with the best performance!

The Award for the best performance on stage is going to “Spitzbua” the german party singer.

4. Top of the Mountains: Lara Bianca Fuchs with the best voice!

The Music-Party-Award for the best voice of the ladies singers is going to Lara Bianca Fuchs…

3. Top of the Mountains: Ayman is winning the award for best comeback!

Ayman in the partymusic-scene…he is winning the award for the best comeback on stage.

2. Top of the Mountains: Antonia from Tirol is winning the award for best international song!

Antonia from Tirol is making a elvis show…for the audiensce it will be perfect…so she wins the award for best international song.

1. Top of the Mountains Music-Award – First Impressions from the show!

Top of the Mountains – here is the special report from the complete show. the reporter is backstage and is speaking with the singers.