10. Okapi
The Okapi is closely related to the giraffe, even though it looks much more like a regular cloven hoofed animal. With the black and white colorings they even remind people of zebras. They live in certain parts of Africa and are highly endangered!

9. Coconut Crab
The Coconut Crab is the largest crab around. They can get up to 40 centimeters in size and weigh up to 4kg. Their legs can spread up to one meter!

8. Gharials 
The Gharials live in Nepal and in the north of India. Nowadays there are only very few animals left. Scientist estimate a population of no more than 250 animals. The Gharial has a very slim and long snout. They can get up to 6 meters long!

7. Axolotl
The Axolotl lives in many lakes in Central Amerika. These small animals have the incredible ability to regenerate lost limbs and even parts of their brains!

6. Saiga Antilope
The Saiga Antilope is almost extinct. There are only a few thousand of these strange animals left. The are easily recognised due to the weird and trunk-like nose.

5. Quokkas
The Quokka only lives in Australia. They are very friendly and incredibly cute. Once you see them, you will want one. 🙂

4. Kakapo

The Kakapo looks very entertaining. He is the only living parrot, that is unable to fly. This is one of the reasons, why Kakapos are almost extinct.

3. Dugong
The Dugong lives in the indian ocean adn in parts of the west pacific. They are very gentle and friendly animals. Their population is estimated to be around 80.000 animals.

2. Tree Kangaroo 
The Tree Kangaroo lives primarily in Australia and lives, like the name suggests, in the trees. Tree Kangaroos can grow up to 130 centimeters in size.

1. Hooded Seal

The so called Hodded Seal lives in the Arctic sea. Its name refers to the hood-like deformation on the top of the male animals. The males can inflate the hood to the effect of doubling the size of their head. The inflated hood is used to attract females and to threaten other males.