Not only human beings, but also animals, long for friendships. These 10 pictures prove that true friendships can also exist between animals. Lean back and enjoy our top 10 of the cutest animal friendships.

10. Isn’t it wonderful how they are relaxing together? It is obvious that they are best friends.

9. Sure, indeed it is nice when there is somebody, who cares for you.

8. You can be best friends, eventhough you are so unlike. This pig doesn’t fear his much bigger mate and clearly enjoys the togetherness.

7. Oh my god! Isn’t it cute how the cats huddle together?

6. It is so nice, when there is no jealousy between the dog and the newborn. It seems as if a great friendship develops.

5. Best example that a true friendship between a dog and a cat is possible. The dog seems to keep an eye on the cat.

4. Well, life is a lot easier, when you are not alone.

3. They are sooo cute. This dog seems to be very proud of his beautiful girlfriend.

2. This little pig enjoys the warmth of his mate. And what are you doing as best friend? Don’t move so that your friend doesn’t wake up.

1. This friendship really is something special. It’s so cute how the dog takes care.