Whether adult or child – everyone loves to eat candies. But even as the fashion or technical things, also the candies have changed over the decades. We have collected for the most popular candies of the 80s!

10. Double Dip
This candy has two parts. With the stic you can put it into the powder. And the other part is the powder with a special taste. The best were are cherry and orange.

9. Nappo
The dutch nougat was really delicious. Unfortunately, the chocolate always stuck between the teeth. But especially the great vanilla flavor was great.

8. Crystal Pepsi
It was nothing more than the normal Pepsi. But because of the transparency of the drink ist was really funny. So everyone thought you only drink water in a Pepsi bottle.

7. Raider Schokolade
Today we know this chocolate with the name “Twix”. And this describes the taste completely.

6. Ice Cream Sandwich
This ice cream creation was the totally 80s. All three favorite varieties are together between two wafers: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

5. Lollipops with pictures
The lollipops have no special taste. But the colorful fruits it always looked very nice and also the consistency was different than most lollipops.

Ein von Siri ? (@siri266) gepostetes Foto am

4. Mäusespeck
This soft mass was very similar to the American marshmallows. They exists in all shapes and colors. Unfortunately, the taste was often rather onesided.

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3. Brauseufos
Diese Teile haben ziemlich auf der Zunge geprickelt. Mit der fruchtigen Note des Pulvers war die merkwürdige Ummantelung auch gut zu ertragen.

2. Magic Gum
The powder was super sweet, but the coolest thing was the crackle in the mouth. Everyone opened the mouth a couple auf times to hear it.

1. Erfrischungsstäbchen
A perfect combination of pleasure and refreshment. In the chocolate was a liquid, which has a strong taste like orange or lemon. Super great for the summer