If you hadn’t seen this you would doubt that it is possible. Many people obviously love shoving things up their butts. Unbelievable! Look at these shocking X-Rays!

10. This patient wanted to be clever and stuck a beer bottle combined with a wire hanger up his butt in order to be able to pull it out again. Well, shit happens! 

9. Hm, how gets a cell phone to this place? Is this phone stolen and did the patient want to hide his theft?

8. Well, if you don’t have a bag, where would you put your keys?

7. An audio cassette. I guess, the attempts of the patient to explain how this cassette got there are as weird as the X-Ray.

6. Here, the patient has mistaken the wall socket with his own butt. Oh dear! What’s up with this guy?

5. Glasses stuck up the butt! I guess drugs were involved.

4. LOL! Oh my God! A candy cane. Well, during christmas time people obviously not only want to decorate the Christmas tree.

3. WTF! A gun. Did this patient want to show his friends what a dangerous gangster he is?

2. Possibly this was a little gangster with a stupid idea.

1. Ouch! What a sick idea to shove a knife up your ass. What went wrong in the last years?