The 90s are a decade full of bizarre trends. We all have bumbags  tramp stamp or lava lamps. And we all looked so ridiculous.

10. Tramp stamp
Every woman has one. It adorned the lower back above the waistband. Especially popular was the motive of Tribals.

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9. Bumbag
Whether man or woman – everyone has worn them.It was really convenient, but the bag always looked pretty chivvy.

8. Permanent wave
This hairstyle was very popular in this generation. All girls spent a long time at the hairdresser to get a perfect result.

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7. Blonde hair-ends
In this decade exists an hair trend for men too.. And these were the colorful hair-ends. Very popular was the blonde option.

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6. Loveparade
This parade in Berlin was the most popular event in the 90s. All people, who loved to dance came to the city an danced a couple of hours.

5. Lava lamps
The lamps were this must-have in every living room. A thicker liquid moving up and down. They exists in different colors.

4. Talk Shows
In this decade they have their origin. Every station has two or three in the afternoon program. The discussion topics were incredibly entertaining.

3. Inflatablel furniture
If you wanted to increase your furniture in your flat, you can use the Inflatablel furniture. Very popular were the inflatable armchair.

2. Diddl
The little mouse conquered all children’s room. Whether as a toy, sticker book or stationery. She was everywhere!

1. Snake
This mobile game was the absolute cult . The snake had to be navigated to  the food  without eat itself and grew up. You could play this game all time.

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