One thing is totally clear – there are  a lot of differences between women and men. But someone is easier to understand than the others. But clothes and makeup are a big mystery for every men.

10. Every woman wants beautiful legs. But you need your shaver a few times and you will always cut in your skin. Why!?

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9. If you wear shoes with heels and visit at a house party, then everyone knows where you stand awhile.

8. All women need and wear it: a bra. But if the bra is a little bit older, it is possible, that the wire comes out. Outsch!

7. And one more detail about the bra: if you have a wrong setting of the strap and can´t change it – you will have painful imprints. So annoying!

6. The sun does not shine and you put  your sunglasses in your hair.  After a few minutes the sun will come back, but your sunglasses get caught in the hair – damn!

5. No matter where you are, the pauses are never long enough that everyone can go to the bathroom.

4. Did you go finally into the bathroom, then you will find a place of horror. It is absolutely necessary to protect yourself.

3. If you put your make up in your face, then you will always make such a long, stupid face.

2. And only your girlfriends understand why your hands looks like a canvas.

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  1. But probably the worst thing is the day when your menstruation starts. No man will understand how does it feels like. Just terrible!