We love to reminisce our childhood or youth of the 90s, because everything was better back then. Just to mention a few things, for example the children’s television series were more sophisticated and the music had class! However, with regard to a few things we are glad that the 90s are over. We have collected for you the 10 things that drove 90s kids crazy.

10. Do you remember the uncertainty about whether the Tamagotchi has survived the day, after you came home from school?

9. After a two-hour-long phone call you needed an additional hour to untangle the telephone cord.

8. Wanting to capture memories meant stress, because not until a few weeks later, when the photos were developed, you noticed whether the photos were bringing joy or disappointment.

7. Even though cell phones were constantly published in the 90s as well, you still had to decide which of the 30 SMS to delete in order to be able to receive new messages.

6. It was a horror, when the teacher decided to use the overhead projector. First of all, two pupils had to carry the heavy projector and second either the lamp was broken or the lense focus was not adjusted.

5. You proudly put the new 8MB memory card into the Playstation 2 but quickly noticed that you still have to delete old scores.

4. This multicoloured biro has fascinated us in the 90s, but we were all disappointed when we noticed that it was not possible to use two colours at once. Well, we were kids back then and didn’t know it better 😉

3. Of course it was great to listen to your favorite songs on the way, but wasn’t it annoying when the cassette had a tape jam and you didn’t have a pencil close at hand?

2. Do you remember the fear of the Internet costs? We always were afraid of having spent too much time online.

1. Of course, it was pretty cool to have a disc man, but I guess you all wished that the clothing industry would have adjusted to the technique industry.