There are people who are not able to show their feelings like others. This has nothing to do with the fact that they have no feelings, but they  don´t react completely emotionally at every situation.

10. Your friends don´t understand you, but you can´t start to cry every time. Even at the biggest fight with someone you remain calm and composed.

9. In the most romantic and emotional films you don´t cry, because you have no reason. It is only a movie!

8. You think it is embarrassing, if someone shows affection in public. You always try  to go out of the way .

7. Really long hugs are the hell on earth for you.

6. And you hate to cuddle the whole evening!

5. If someone told you all day, that you did a great job, then you have a feeling of awkwardness.

4. You love your friends, but it is pretty hart for you to comfort them, when they feel bad.

3. You think it is difficult to speak about emotional topics, even you would like to talk about it.

2. The words „I love you“ to hear are really strange for you, but to say it to someone is horror!

  1. But you’ll find it pretty good that you’re not so emotionally, because your life is s much easier.