We are living in an amazing world with so many places, that are really breathtaking. We collected 10 destinations for you, that are travelled by millions of tourists each year and that are definitely worth adding to your bucket list.

10. Cape Town

The second largest city of South Africa offers a scenery of natural beauty and many entertainment facilities at the same time. Gorgeous beaches along the Atlantic coast, majestic mountains and many bars make the mother city of South Africa to a wonderful experience.

9. Rome

The capital city of Italy especially impresses its visitors with numerous buildings from the epoch of ancient Rome. Because of the very large number of sights you should spend more than one day in Rome.

8. New York

The city that never sleeps attracts millions of tourists for a reason. The unique atmosphere, that on the one hand is created by all kinds of nationalities and cultures and on the other hand by great sights, makes the metropolis on the east coast very special.

7. Istanbul

In the capital city of Turkey you experience a mix of oriental atmosphere and impressive modernity. The Turk metropolis is the only city that lies in two continents (Asia and Europe).

6. London

The capital of the United Kingdom lies on the River Thames. You can experience a cultural city trip as well as the wild nightlife in the popular city.

5. Berlin

Germany’s capital city is wild, colorful and full of surprises. The visitors do not only love Berlin because of its impressive sights and many bars, but also because of its unique charm.

4. Paris

The French metropolis has always been a magnet for tourists because of the highly cultivated landscape. Everybody must once have seen the Eiffel Tower. This town is definitely worth adding to your bucket list.

3. Barcelona

The largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea stands out due to its variety. A beach holiday with parties at the nightclub as well as a holiday studded with cultural sights is possible in the capital of Catalonia.

2. Dubai

In the largest city of the United Arab Emirates you experience a sensory overload. Luxury shopping malls, gigantic skyscrapers and pretentious Hotels are characteristic for the desert city.

1. Marrakesch

The city in the southwest of Morocco is very popular because of its variety. There are wonderful palaces like in tales from a Thousands and One Nights on the one hand and modern Art Deco mansions on the other hand. Furthermore, the unique landscape makes Marrakesh a must-see for nature lovers.