Adding a pet to your family really is a benefit. The dog’s warm welcome, when you come home from a long day at work and the cat’s smooth purring. Well, and additionally our pets are so gentle to accept all of our little jokes. Of course, animals should definitely not wear clothing, but it’s so funny how they look in these costumes. Just browse our gallery to have a giggle.
10. This little kitten seems to be proud of the bat costume. Well, I guess it’s due to the long vampire teeth 😉

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9. Suuuuuupermaannnn! This little fellow is ready to save the world.

8. This candidate seems to have internalized his role as firefighter. Pretty cool how he takes his dress for granted.

Firefighter Dog Costume

7. Ohh, these poor little guys lug a heavy case around. Wait, it’s just one little guy?

6. Siesta in Gotham City. Well, also Batman has to rest before fighting crime.


5. LOL… Oh dear! O.k., it’s not that nice to put your dog in such a costume, but well… it’s somehow funny, isn’t it?

Scuba Diver Dog Costume
4. Happy Hallooooooweeeeen!

two dogs in halloween costumes funny

3. Well, it’s highly probable that dogs don’t like to wear costumes, but when this dog knew that he imitates Indiana Jones at least, he would be proud, wouldn’t he?

2. LOL! O.k., cute little dog, take it as a man.

Very Cool Dog Costume for Christmas

1. OMG, this looks soooooo funny. What a beauty this lady is!