We all love our little pets, but sometimes we have situations where we really hate them. Especially when they destroy items like books or other things!

10. This dog hates english literature.  Maybe you should play with him!

9. Here probably someone dosen´t get breakfast and thought that the owner then also not allowed to read about it.

8. This cat feels to be watch and then she left the book. After this she fakes to sleep.

7. This book hash´t survived sharp claws of the cat. And after she destroys this she relax on the book!

6. This turtle try the best to prevent the reader to read this book.

5. Oh no! The dog has to hate the book so much! It dosen´t exist anymore!

4. The Group of the rodents don´t stop to destroy the good literature. If they see the flowery field on the title, they have to eat this!

3. But totally mean is this situation: one book against two cats. This is not really fair!

2. Sometimes our little friends want to cuddle. They look so sweet,  you can not put them away.

  1. If they look to you with these eyes, you can´t be angry anymore.