We love our pets, but we should not give them too much power. There is 10 evidence why cats are not so clever as they always do

10. The jump into freedom would almost succeeded , but unfortunately the window was not close enough

9. You should should not bury our heads in all . Because the sense of orientation can disappear!

8. Ready for the big jump?! But unfortunately you failed again

7. With his last strength, the bed is conquered. Nevertheless, it is not enough for the final distance.

6. Since the cat wanted to make only brief fresh. Already the cat comes not out of the tub. Poor Thing!

5. If one is fooled by his staff  – that´s not really fair!

4. Shortly before the finish and then it failed.

3. Sometimes it is easier to retire!

2. One struggles to get on and no one will thank you.

1. And if everything does not help – then just got another take shape