It is Monday after a long weekend and you have no motivation to work. All your thoughts were at the weekend and you won´t do anything at work. But the dogs feel in the same way like you.

10. These Corgies have a really good start, but after a few time they lose the control. Bye, bye motivation!

9. If the alarm clock rings, you stand up und take a shower, but you have no appeal to finish everything. Where is the bed?!

8. You arrived at work and all your colleagues told you everything about their weekend and want to know what you did. You are totally overwhelmed and wish they would shut up.

7.  You have a break and need time zu relax. But on your way to the canteen, you forget the slippt stairs. Putsch – what a bad day!

6. After your break you come back in your office and realize that you have 5 hours to pass here.

5. You try to do your job in the best way, but it dosen´t work. And you can´t understand why.

4. You finished your work. Now you will meet your friends in a sport lesson. But the problem ist, that you are the only on, who is totally unathletic

3. After a few minutes you know why you should not go to sport lessons. This is not your business.

2. It is evening and your last goal ist to come home. Here you will eat something and looking for your bed.

  1. The day is over – thanks god! And only 4 days until the next weekend.